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Our Journey

We believe all journeys make us better.


This is ours. In 2020, we designed  a luggage  for today's well-travelled travellers. We wanted to embark on this journey in the beginning of the pandemic, however, had to do a pit-stop due to  the market / financial risks.

We did a detour,  instead we created  a bag for our everyday journey.  Our first product was launched on Wadiz (a South Korean platform similar to Kickstarter), and achieved USD 5K  on its first launch  day and USD 10K sales in total over a short span of 10 days. It's pretty amazing to see people do like our product.

It's only just the beginning, and we all  start somewhere. We will share more about our journey along the way, so let's keep in touch.



Meet our team behind the scenes...

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